• Vegas Comps are back with Resort Stay International!

    Enjoy a Complimentary Las Vegas package includes 3 days/2 nights in Fabulous Las Vegas
  • Our Las Vegas Las Vegas Comps for Couples program includes 3 days/2 nights on the world famous fabulous Las Vegas Strip

    plus complimentary souvenirs, show tickets and food discounts. This is a $400.00 value and it won’t cost you a DIME. Simply pick up your phone and call us at 1-800-779-6198 and claim your comps for couples package. Full details below.

    Las Vegas
  • Complimentary Las Vegas Getaway for Couples!

    How would like to stay in Vegas on someone else’s dollar? Now you can!*

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  • What’s the Catch?

    Couples must attend a 2 hour presentation about an exciting new way to vacation.
    Couples must also meet all of the qualifications outlined below.

  • *Qualifications

    Must be a Couple
    Ages: 25 to 72 (either partner can meet this qualifier)
    Minimum Income: 50,000 (Gross Combined Income)
    US or Canadian Citizen or Permanent Residents of US or Canada
    Must have matching address on ID
    Must have Major Credit or Major Debit Card attached to a bank account
    Couple must tour together
    Stay for the entire 2 Hour Timeshare tour
    Cannot have used a GEO Jockey Club sponsored vacation within the last 6 months

    This promotion is intended for qualifying couples and families only. Couples and/or families traveling with other couples or families are not permitted to use this package on the same trip.

    The purpose of this promotion is to sell an interest in Geoholiday Club. Starpoint Resort Group is the developer of Geoholiday Club.